Our Vision

Imagine a group of people who were once so dependent upon drugs, sex, alcohol, money and power that they were willing to do anything to get it, and did. Now picture a church filled with these same individuals completely surrendered to Christ and helping others to break their chains of bondage and to realize the amazing grace and joy that is experienced by those who walk with JESUS!

Our Mission

4LIFE Worship desires to be used by God as a catalyst that moves people beyond this world and it’s trappings into the presence of the One who transforms lives! We want to be a church that exists so that through us Christ Jesus might demonstrate His extraordinary patience as an example to those who would believe in Him 4LIFE

Our Team

Steve Knell


Tim Dykes

Men's Team Leader

Celebrate Recovery

Kelly John

Woman's Team Leader

Celebrate Recovery

Cindy Bateman

Team Leader

Hidden Treasures

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